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Congrats to the following people!  Lets do it AGAIN!


299 games:

Manny Avila Sr.                2/16/14-South Pointers

Frank Barefoot Jr.            3/30/14-South Pointers

Nick Armijo                        6/5/14-Mixed Match Point

Bill Curtis                          10/7/14-Laughlin Bound

Ernesto Correa                11/16/15-Vegas Merrimakers

Tori Hardison                   1/7/16-750 Scratch


300 games:

Romeo Borillo                 11/1/15-South Pointers

John VanMetre               4/3/2014-750 Scratch

Frank Barefoot Jr.           4/6/14-South Pointers

Fred Hunt                        7/17/14-750 Scratch

Donald Gallegos              9/23/14-Laughlin Bound

Wayne Smith                   1/23/15-Unlimited Vegas 

Charles Cunningham      11/16/15-Vegas Merrimakers

Micah Papalia                 11/13/15-Laughlin Bound

Desmond Warren           1/29/15-Vegas Shuffle

Max Hunnicutt                 1/26/16-Laughlin Bound

Casey Jarvis                   2/25/16-750 Scratch

867 series:

Frank Barefoot Jr.            3/30/14-South Pointers 

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